This year, BigApps encourages you to go beyond city data: using an API from a participating NYC company, build a mashup or combine multiple data sources in new and interesting ways. This page provides summaries of the participating companies and links to the API docs.

Important notes about using APIs:

  • If you plan to compete for the Best NYC Mashup prize, you must use at least one of the APIs on this page, as well as at least one NYC data set. (Also note that if you're an employee of one of the participating companies and you want to compete for the Best NYC Mashup prize, you can't use your own company's API.)
  • You're not limited to the APIs on this page — you can use any open APIs and data sources you choose. (But if you want to compete for the Best NYC Mashup prize, you must use at least one of the APIs on this page.)
  • Each API on this page has its own terms and conditions, and you are subject to those terms as well as the BigApps Official Rules. Be sure to review the details for each API you use.
  • Be aware that an API may change at any time during the challenge (or afterward) and that these changes may affect the judges’ ability to view and evaluate your app. You should periodically verify your data sources and APIs.

Ready? Start coding!

8coupons 8coupons API

For support, email

8coupons is a hub for buying, organizing, and creating deals of all types. The 8coupons API gives developers access to the full feature set of the 8coupons site. 8coupons brings together all the deals from neighborhood restaurants, bars, salons, and stores so users can find the best deals nearby. The API provides methods such as retrieving dealer types, getting deals by location, getting deals by store ID and more. The API uses a RESTful style and responses are formatted in JSON.

aviary Aviary API

For support, email

Aviary makes an easy-to-use photo editing API for web and mobile apps. Our API allows developers to focus exclusively on making great apps, while enabling their users to make amazing photos.

bitly bitly API

For support, email

The bitly API allows you to shorten links, track analytics on links, and much more. Wrap your shareable URLs and get stats, find out who and how many people click on other links, and make any URL a trackable object. Have fun, and let us know what we can help you build!

Boxee Boxee API

For support, email

You've built apps for computers. For phones. For tablets. It's time to conquer that last huge screen that doesn't have fingerprints all over it — the TV. Boxee's TV platform with HTML5 support enables you to tie a bunch of APIs into an app that looks equally great on a jumbotron and your 50" living-room TV.

CartoDB CartoDB API

For support, email

CartoDB is a geospatial database on the cloud. It allows you to import geospatial data, including data sets from NYC Open Data. CartoDB also provides a powerful API that supports geospatial queries out of the box. We have worked hard to help developers generate beautiful and meaningful maps, with thousands of features and analyses — and do it all very simply. If you need an API for complex geospatial queries, this is the platform. API

For support, contact us engages the public in public schools by giving people a simple, accountable, and personal way to do something about educational inequity. Public school teachers from every corner of America post classroom project requests on our site; then "citizen philanthropists" can support the projects that most inspire them. To date, more than 180,000 teachers and 5 million students from low-income families have received $84 million in books, art supplies, field trips, and other resources. invites you to use its API or open data to make discoveries and build apps that improve education in America!

Etsy Etsy API

For support, email

Etsy is the world's handmade marketplace, offering more than 10 million handmade, vintage, and crafting supply items from more than 800,000 sellers. Our API gives you access to our marketplace and community. Help us connect buyers with items they'll love!

foursquare foursquare API

For support, visit the API forums

The foursquare APIv2 gives you access to all of the data used by the foursquare mobile applications, and, in some cases, even more. Integrate checking-in or viewing checkins into your application, build tools to help users use or visualize their own history, experiment with new ways of displaying badges, leverage our uniquely rich information about venues, respond to check-ins in real time, or do things we haven't even thought of yet!

Get Glue GetGlue API

For support, email

GetGlue is a leading social network for entertainment. Users check in and share what they are watching, listening to and reading with friends; and they get fresh recommendations, exclusive stickers, discounts and other rewards from GetGlue partners. Developers can create apps to surface what people are checking in to, and what stickers users are earning right now!

Hunch Hunch API

For support, visit the API forums

Hunch's ambitious mission is to build a "Taste Graph" of the entire web, connecting every person on the Internet with their affinity for anything, from books to gadgets to fashion. With Hunch's open API, developers can tap into the Taste Graph to extract insightful predictions and create fascinating data mashups.

Magma Magma API

For support, email

Magma is an entry point for finding, watching, and tracking videos from all over the web. We aggregate viewing metrics and social chatter to provide real-time statistics and analysis about the hottest videos online. For a video explainer, see:

Meetup Meetup API

For support, visit the API forums

Meetup's mission is to revitalize local community and help people self-organize. New York City already has more meetups than anywhere else, with the potential for many more. If your project to make NYC better includes bringing people together, we've got the platform.

Minus Minus API

For support, email

Minus is a simple and universal sharing platform.

The New York Times The New York Times APIs

For support, post to the Times Developer Network forum

You already know that is an unparalleled source of news and information. But it's a premier source of data, too — why just read the news when you can hack it? The Times APIs allow you to work with rich sets of Times data, including article metadata and abstracts, movie reviews and best-seller lists, and user comments.

newsblur NewsBlur API

For support, email or @samuelclay on Twitter

NewsBlur is an RSS feed reader with intelligence. Find out what tags, authors, and keywords people like and dislike in feeds. Pull stories from multiple feeds.

Readability Readability API

For support, contact us

Readability turns any web page into a clean view for reading now or later — on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Developers can use our RESTful API to interact with articles or user bookmarks, or to gather the readable text from any page on the web. Use the power of the Readability API to build great reading experiences.

RecordSetter RecordSetter API

For support, email

RecordSetter is the new home of world records. We believe everyone can be the world's best at something and our mission is to raise the bar of human achievement through world records. Does your app have a game element to it? Forget "highest score" — why not make some new world record holders?

StreetEasy StreetEasy API

For support, email

StreetEasy is New York's all-in-one real estate listings site where consumers and professionals collaborate to find the perfect home for sale or rent. The StreetEasy APIs provide access to many aspects of our site, including aggregated data for sales and rental listings, filtered with dozens of possible criteria; neighborhood searches; reverse geocoding for neighborhoods and more.

Tumblr Tumblr API

For support, email or visit

Founded by David Karp in New York City in 2007, Tumblr is a microblogging platform that allows users to effortlessly share anything. We are focused on building tools and technologies that will advance the state of the art in dealing with massively scaled websites as we quickly exceed 30 million blogs, with 30,000 requests and 3,000 posts per second. We are also excited to deliver a range of new products that will enable users to share their own creative content, discover content, and connect to one another in new ways.

TwitrPix TwitrPix API

For support, email

TwitrPix is a social media discovery and sharing platform. With the TwitrPix API (v2), developers can quickly and easily build photo sharing right into their web and mobile apps and syndicate to the Twitter ecosystem. The API uses a RESTful style and responses are returned in JSON or XML format.

Vimeo Vimeo API

For a developer key, visit or for support, email

Leading video sharing site Vimeo® provides the easiest way for people to host and share their videos in high quality. The site provides great privacy features and inspiring videos from a vibrant, respectful community of creative users who care about how and where they show their work. Launched in 2004 and headquartered in New York, NY, Vimeo offers users a video-sharing experience that is both entertaining and easy to use.

yipit Yipit API

For support, email

Yipit aggregates and recommends the best daily deals, based on a user's location and preferences. Our API enables developers to build applications atop the Yipit platform, which provides access to over 200 easily filtered active deals for NY-based businesses each day! We encourage NYC BigApps contestants to integrate the Yipit API into your applications, and we look forward to seeing the new and interesting ways you use it.

Zemanta Zemanta API

For support, visit the API forums

Zemanta is an exciting content creation tool that helps you build more relevant content by recommending related content (such as images, photos, articles, links and tags) while you write. BigApps contestants can use the Zemanta API for both semantic entity extraction and related content, with a single API call.