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NYC Fit App for iOS

Would you like to help us build a mobile app that allows users to find fitness venus/buddies in NYC? Use cases could include:
a. Finding the nearest free olympic size swimming pool with open lanes.
b. Non-hilly running track that's at least 5k long.
c. Biking routes nearby that are least 10 miles long.
d. Who's training for the next NYC Triathlon in my area.

Primary goal is to allow users to find new places to exercise, and put them in touch with like minded people.

We need hackers with:
1. SQLite & Java skilz (to prep datasets).
2. User Experience expert (app flow, navigation language, info design).
3. Graphic Designer (colloborate with UX designer/generate app graphix).

If you're interested contact: nigel dot defreitas at gmail dot com.

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    Never mind - I think this idea is too similar to a couple from previous events. Will need to come up with another.

    See rule D.6: Submissions must not be substantially similar to a prior Submission already submitted in this Competition or the NYC BigApps Competitions that commenced on October 6, 2009 or October 12, 2010. Submissions to the NYC BigApps competition that commenced on October 6, 2009 can be viewed at: http://nycbigapps.s3.amazonaws.com/index.html. Submissions to the NYC BigApps Competition that commenced on October 12, 2010 can be viewed at: http://2010.NYCBigApps.com/submissions.

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