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Advertisement and premium versions of App

I am writing for a clarification on the rules:

"Submissions must be free to the public throughout the Competition and for at least one year after."

If the bandwith/storage costs will make "free" cost-prohibitive for certain apps, during that one year period is one permitted to

1) have advertisements appear on those apps


2) have a premium (i.e. for $) version where ads are removed, and other features made available. this version obviously would not be considered in the contest submission, but would be linked-to.


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    Hello, yes apps must be free throughout the competition and for at least one year after. You may have a separate, paid, version which is different from your app.

    There is nothing in the rules specifically banning advertising but please note the sponsors and administrator can disqualify an app if any content, including advertisements, are deemed inappropriate.

    As for having an app which has some parts free and some parts paid, if any of the paid parts relate to the functionality described in your text or video entry, or detract from the value therein, it can be disqualified and likely will.

    We hope this is helpful.

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