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City Talent

My team mate is a city employee but I am not. I checked off the city talent check box on our submission, is that ok?

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    With regards to the email I just received, could you clarify what you mean by city employees "only being eligible for the city talent award"? What about the category? i.e. Education

    I did read the rules over several times and I didn't see anything about city employment precluding a submission from the category awards.

    The wording in section 1:

    "All Submissions, except those competing for the Large Organization Recognition Award and City Talent Award, will automatically be considered for the Best Overall Application Award, Investor’s Choice Award and Popular Choice Awards."

    Also recognize from Section 4: "Contestants that are competing for the Large Organization Recognition Award or City Talent Award are not eligible to win a Popular Choice Award."

    But nothing saying a city employee couldn't compete for a category. Clarification would be appreciated, thanks!


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