•   about 11 years ago

Regarding unfair means used for voting

Dear NYCBigApps Organizers

Just noticed this link while searching for NavYorKonnect on google, https://www.facebook.com/GetOnlineVotes/posts/333496396688877

These guys posted on a online vote sharing website to gather all these votes. Isn't this against the rules? Please take action immediately as their improper methods for inflating their vote count is indirectly affecting the voter turnout for other apps, you can see that by comparing the rate of votes for the other apps since this was posted. I really believe that the organizers would deal with this matter strictly and ensure restoring fairness in this competition for other participants. Thank you.

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  •   •   about 11 years ago

    Hi there, we are well aware of this and have investigated it. Please note that just because there is a vote on the site (for any app) does not make it eligible. We check all sorts of information regarding voting and often apps do get disqualified. None of this is meant for the one app you mentioned in particular, but for all apps.

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